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COVID could be the wakeup call businesses need to fix a broken child care system

Back in 2009, when New York City imposed a tax on big businesses to help pay for the subway system, most got on board. They understood that because their employees depended on the subway to get to work, their businesses depended on it too. But when New York City lawmakers proposed a far more modest tax to help subsidize child care, businesses weren’t having it. The problem? They didn’t get how central child care was to keeping their operations humming.

NYC ‘Parks Without Borders’ program draws controversy

Brooklyn activists have been telling the media, elected officials, and most recently a Manhattan judge that their borough’s beloved Fort Greene Park, which sits on land that offered protection from the British during the American Revolutionary War, is once again under siege. This time, however, the enemy comes bearing not guns, but gifts – $10.5 million, to be exact, along with extensive plans to makeover the park’s long-neglected northwest corner.